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Hands-On with Educational Experts

By Kruti Soni posted Sat August 13, 2016 10:48:00 PM


I hope that everyone had a blast at the Hands-on session that took place on the second day of the conference, I know I sure did! There were so many sessions that I personally benefitted from. I have some pictures below for you to see what it looked like! I liked Kayla Weiseckel’s booth, where I learned to look for soleal and gastroc veins. She gave us a few tips and tricks to find them, such as looking for them in the mid calf and then moving proximally to their origin. Next, I visited the Proper Cuff Placement booth by Paula Walsh, who showed us how to place the cuffs, where to place them, and how to make them stay. I’m very new at this and when I place my cuffs, many times they slide off. So this booth was perfect for me! Next, I went to Sandra Yesenko’s booth where I learned how to identify the EIA and IIA bifurcation, and how to differentiate between them. Finally, I went to the Laurie Lozanski’s booth, where we saw the celiac trunk and its branches. It has been a while since we learned about the abdomen, so it was a great review for me and it will benefit me a lot when I visit my next clinical site! I also went to visit the 4 chambers of the heart booth, to learn a little bit about echocardiogram. Overall, it was a great hands on session and I had a lot to learn from the amazing experts!