Student Director

SVU Student Director

Each year, SVU accepts nominations for a student representative to sit on the SVU Board of Directors. The Student Director is a full-voting member of the SVU Board, and will be expected to attend two board meetings: one in January at a location TBD, and one in the summer at the SVU Annual Conference (next date: Aug. 6-8, 2020, New Orleans, LA). Travel, lodging, and other expenses for both meetings will be covered by SVU.


  • Must be an SVU student member and remain a member while on the Board
  • Student must be in a degree or certificate vascular program*
  • Must be available to attend two in-person meetings, participate on a committee and attend quarterly conference calls
*Note: Students who graduate during their tenure on the SVU Board will be allowed to remain on the Board for the remainder of their term.

The application period for the 2020 Student Director closed. We will begin accepting applications for the 2021 Student Director in early 2020. Application periods typically run from January through the end of May, but this is subject to change.

2019 SVU Student Director Emily Coelho explains the Student Director's role and why you should apply:

Emily has also created a presentation on the Student Director's role, and what potential Student Directors can expect.

2019 SVU Student Director (Currently serving term through Dec. 31, 2019)

Emily Coelho
Oregon Institute of Technology
Coburg, OR

Emily Coelho is the Student Director on the SVU Board of Directors for 2019. Emily is currently completing her fourth year of Oregon Tech’s Vascular Technology program, and is set to obtain a BS in vascular technology in June. She is living in Reno, Nevada for her externship at Renown Regional Medical Center. She is excited and eager to begin her career and learn more about vascular technology as the field continues to advance.

Incoming 2020 SVU Student Director (Will serve term from Jan. 1, 2020 through Dec. 31, 2020)

Camille Arca
Nova Southeastern University
Miami, FL

2019 SVU Student Board Representative Emily Coelho & 2013 SVU Student Board Representative Kayla Wieseckel, MHSc RVS RVT RPhS, at the SVU 2019 Annual Conference in Chicago

2019 SVU Student Director Emily Coelho (left)
& 2013 SVU Student Director Kayla Wieseckel, MHSc RVS RVT RPhS (right),
at the SVU 2019 Annual Conference in Chicago